A story of true belonging

Discover Samir’s remarkable journey at LEONI and find out why the month of July plays an important role.

"If you give to LEONI, LEONI will give back."


There is something about the month of July that has been special all my life: Not only does the month mark some of my most important moments in private life, such as my Bachelor’s degree (July 1986), my Technical Diploma (July 1991) as well as my wedding (July 2000).

My first day at LEONI was July 13th, 1992 – and since then a wonderful series of events has taken me to where I am today, proudly serving as plant manager. 

In 1992, I started out as a Cutting Technician, progressing through various roles as a VKF Technician in 1995 or Assembly Supervisor in 1995 until I transitioned into more managerial roles such as Segment Leader from 2004 as well as Plant Section Manager until 2012. 

July 2nd, 2012 then marked a significant step in my career, when I was appointed Plant Manager for our System Applications Plant for the first time. July 20th, 2020 was the day when I was appointed Plant Manager for our Manzel Hayet plant and – finally – on July 30th, 2023 I was honored for my first 30 years of service here at LEONI.

July has been good to me – and I am eager to find out what it will bring forward in the upcoming years.

In my first 30 years here, however, I have learned that LEONI is a place where you can truly belong, where you can be safe despite pressure or even political uncertaintly and where you will be taken care of if you give your best every day. 

Over the decades, I have helped with delivering a baby that came too early. I have seen an entire plant stand together to avoid a layoff of 4.000 people. And I have seen more than 50 people rally to help three colleagues meet a critical deadline, with directors manning machines and driving people home after. 

I have witnessed and received more support that I can account for and I am committed to giving back and to empowering people as much as I can through my current leadership role.

And I can truly say that – with this sense of belonging – we can overcome any challenge we may face as a team and as a company.