Field Report

Head of Maintenance

Hatem Horrigue, Head of Maintenance at LEONI Tunisia's Audi Plant since 2021. Joined in 2012 as Team Leader, promoted to Manager in 2017.

My story at LEONI

My name is Hatem Horrigue, and I currently serve as the Head of Maintenance at the Audi Plant in LEONI Tunisia. I initially joined LEONI in 2012 as a Maintenance Team Leader and was promoted to Unplanned Maintenance Manager in 2017. In 2021, I was once again promoted to my current position as Head of Maintenance.

My job

As a maintenance team, our main responsibility is to boost productivity by ensuring that equipment operates at optimal performance, avoiding unscheduled interruptions due to failures. Our highly skilled technicians conduct preventive, predictive, proactive, and curative maintenance activities with clear planning and reporting. These tasks help maximize the use of company assets, reducing the need for costly replacements. Safety and environmental protection are top priorities. We ensure that Health, Safety, and Environmental requirements are followed to maintain a safe workplace, preventing accidents. Additionally, we work to reduce plastic waste and energy consumption, and properly manage chemical products in accordance with regulations.

My daily routine

I start my day by taking a plant tour, enabling me to closely interact with technicians, operators, and production managers to address any issues. After the tour, I hold a daily meeting with team leaders and maintenance experts. During this meeting, we review and discuss our key performance indicators (KPIs) from the previous day, such as Right First Time (RFT) rates, number and duration of breakdowns, spare parts consumption, equipment availability, and safety. We establish specific actions with deadlines to address any issues and enhance the overall performance of our department.

My view of LEONI as an employer

Here at LEONI, we strive to cultivate a work environment built on values such as respect, care, result orientation, collaboration, and responsibility. This work culture serves as the foundation for ensuring that every member of our team consistently delivers their best performance each day.

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