Field Report

Specialist Technician Maintenance System

Mariem, a system maintenance technician at LEONI's PS AUDI, hired as a computer science networks specialist via the employment office.

My story at LEONI

My name is Mariem Mansouri, and I work at LEONI as a higher technician in computer science specializing in networks. I applied through the employment office and currently serve as a system maintenance technician at PS AUDI. I joined LEONI in 2007 as an operator in the Muster segment and progressed to maintenance service assistance in July 2007. By 2009, I became responsible for maintenance methods & LTPM. I have contributed to various projects, including MB, MFA, SA, AUDI, VW, and MEB. Finally, I was honored as the best employee in Tunisia for 2022.

My job

The execution of tasks at LEONI follows a well-defined job profile. In my role, I handle the following responsibilities:

- Computer-assisted maintenance management

- Developing preventive planning

- Recording work orders for technicians

- Monitoring maintenance indicators with apipro

- Tracking machine downtime and spare parts consumption

- Preparing statistics and maintenance reports

Typically, my tasks are divided as follows:

Morning: Assisting in the service, reviewing highlights, checking emails, creating daily reports on downtime, spare parts consumption, and preventive maintenance.

Afternoon: Entering work orders and archiving documentation, monitoring changes in maintenance schedules.

My work is very exciting: GMAO is a very impressive field that helps the service to improve, to identify anomalies and then correct them to increase performance. 

My work is based on teamwork, which is a quality I already prefer. It has allowed me to coordinate with several departments and get to know many colleagues.

My highlights

During my 17 years at LEONI, I have experienced many significant moments. I have witnessed the launch of major projects, participated in audits, and faced challenges. However, among all these memorable moments, being chosen as "the best employee in Tunisia" for the year 2022 stands out the most for me. It was truly unforgettable.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I find working at LEONI very motivating: it's a well-structured large company, and the stability factor is very interesting. At LEONI, our work culture is based on five core values: Care, Respect, Responsibility, Results-oriented, and Collaboration.

LEONI in 3 words? Success Story, Large Family, Culture of Success.

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